It’s been such a horrible winter. The summer wasn’t too great either. We’ve had so much rain that I felt like a duck. Then the wet snow in the winter was just too ridiculous! Our roof was getting old, and we knew that it couldn’t take much more. We were right.

I first noticed the drip when I was doing dishes in the kitchen. Oh no, here it comes. I told my husband, Bob, and he said he felt something while he was napping on the sofa. I felt so much panic! We had to watch our budget and a roof is a big cost, but we couldn’t wait anymore.

I went online to check out the roofer contractor in Trenton. I started to call. The first guy, Mitchell, was too vague. He didn’t explain to me about the different kinds of roofs, the time it would take, and when they could do it. He didn’t impress me at all.

Bob called the next one. He told me that they were much too expensive, and we would have to wait at least two months! We couldn’t wait that long. We needed that roof asap!

I started to really worry when I made the next call. Jim made me feel more relaxed. He said they could come out the very next day and give us an estimate. He explained about some choices that we have and an average on how long it might take. Of course, he couldn’t really tell me an exact amount and time frame, but I gave him an idea about how our roof was, and how big our house is.

Jim was great! He was honest, and gave us some ballpark figures on how much our roof could cost. I told Bob, and we decided to give Jim a try.

Well, he came on time as promised, told us our options, our time frame and explained how his company worked. We can proudly say that we are now sitting nice and dry in our home. The estimate was exact, it didn’t take a lot of time, and his crew worked diligently, efficiently and neatly. They were respectful of us and our home. Hooray!