There is really nothing worse than experiencing roof damage in the winter in allen park, Michigan. Our winters can be harsh, and very cold. I had moved into a ranch home in late Fall, around November, and thought I would have until the weather turned to Spring to repair what appeared to be a few shingles in need of repair. By January, however, the situation was difficult. A few ceiling panels in the bedroom had begun to show signs of water leaking from the roof and collecting in the ceiling. Thinking the situation might somehow improve, and not having a budget that included repairs, I decided to wait and see if the situation improved for a day or so.

By that night, however, the panels that earlier in the day had shown a slight brown color, now was slightly bowed at the edges, which meant water was collecting much faster than I had anticipated. I decided to call a roofing company. While in the living room searching for numbers in the phone book, I heard a crash in the bedroom. Before even arriving to the bedroom I already knew what had happened. Upon arrival the ceiling panels had fallen, and a substantial part of the dry wall now lay on the floor, exposing the inside wood in the ceiling. A large amount of water and debris lay on the floor, and more was dripping through the ceiling.

I called Kincaide’s Roofing Service, and the next day when a technician arrived to assess the damage he was prompt, and courteous, and professionally assessed the damage. He also provided a temporary fix for the ceiling, until he could get to the roofing. He even cleaned up all the debris that had fallen from the ceiling the night before. He didn’t charge me a dime for all the clean-up, or the temporary fix. The next day when he arrived to repair the roof he was prompt, timely, and didn’t stop until the roof was finished. He repaired the bedroom ceiling as well by repairing the drywall, and replacing the ceiling panels. I would highly recommend Allen Park Roofing contractor Service to anyone seeking professional, licensed technicians, who provide quick, efficient, reliable service, with the highest level of customer service.