roof repair

I noticed that the plaster on the ceiling was cracked and the cracks were yellow. I called a painter who told me that my problem was caused by rain water seeping into the house and down to the ceiling fro the roof. He said that I needed to get a roofer. I called a roofer from one of the ads found in the online search engine. The roofer came as scheduled by emails. He looked at the ceiling and said that I needed a new roof. He also said that he need half of the money to get started with supplies and paying his crew. I agreed to his terms and gave him a check for half of the cost of replacing the roof.

When the roofer started, he said that he found wet and decayed wood slats under the roofing that he had ripped off. That meant more money since he had to remove the decayed wood and replace them with new wood. The new wood added to the cost of the roof repaid. Since I had assumed that the roofer contractor RiverView mi had quoted me a full price for roof replacement, I figured that the cost of replacing the decayed wood was part of the total cost of roof replacement. I was not figuring the same as the roofer who removed the wood, replaced the wood and finished the roof and presented me with an additional bill for the wood removal and the wood replacement.

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There was no arguing with the roofer who would not leave until he got the additional sum that he insisted was not a part of his original estimate in fixing the roof. My argument centered on the fact that I felt it was the roofers obligation to fix the roof and that meant whatever it took to fix it. He said that he went ahead and replaced the decayed wood because he didn’t want to waste time explaining the cost differential to me. I paid the roofer. My beef in Riverview, Michigan, is whether I should report him to the Riverview Better Business Bureau or not?