It was about three years ago that I realized that there was a leak coming from an open space on the roof. When the house was built a little over forty years ago, I thought that the house would last forever, but I was wrong. The leak started in the bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom. Whenever there was a rain storm that lasted for a few hours, there would be a steady dripping about six inches where the ceiling abutted the bathroom window. As the weeks and months passed by, the leak got worse. It dripped more and the ceiling started to be discolored. I knew that something had to be done to repair the roof.

As I asked friends who they might have used to repair their roofs, I got a better idea of what the costs might be. I could not face the cost at first and put a pail under the leak whenever the ceiling in the bathroom leaked. Then one day soon afterwards, the roof started to leak in the dining room. Reality stared me in the face for I knew that the roof would develop more and more leaks. I knew that I had to hire a roofer, and I knew that I would have to pay a lot of money. I prayed. My prayers were answered.
I chose the roofing contractor Flat rock from the yellow pages. I asked him who he would recommend to someone who was a widow and was on limited money, but that needed the roof fixed as soon as possible. He said he knew someone that was just starting a roof business and that he would give me a good deal. I met with the son and the father who were in business together, and they agreed to give me a good deal. They came the next week, climbed up on the roof and threw off all of the old shingles. Then they covered up the exposed roof with top-quality tar paper. The next day they put on the shingles. My luck held.