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How to find a Roofing Contractor?


Homeowners often get confused of problems related to their roof as they do not know what to do & the importance of fixing a roof as early as possible. As roof is the main part of any house protecting the house from rain, heavy winds etc. If you are in the market for a dependable roofing contractor in then you can do some basic research online to find & select a few contractors to get an estimate as you need to ask them to visit site to inspect the area & to provide an estimate. There are contractors who have provided top quality roofing services to homeowners and business owners in the area, who can be contacted to when there is a need. Call Local Roofer In Weston MI


Replace or Repair Your Roof?

This is another question which the homeowners often get confused to decide if they need to repair their roof or to replace the existing roof with a new roof. When your roof begins to give you troubles, you will find yourself looking at two distinct possibilities as to replace your roof or to full on repair your roof. Visit Best Roofing Company In Weston MI

As cost is involved in the same. Because of the cost and time commitment required for it, a replacement should be a last resort option. And to be sure a replacement is the only solution to your roofing woes as try to take different estimates from various roofing contractors who can visit the site & provide you an estimate & check the previous work also do a reference check if you want to get a confirmation. There are few steps which can determine if a repair or a replacement is required. Contact Best Roofing Company In Weston MI

Roof Repair In Allen Park Michigan

There is really nothing worse than experiencing roof damage in the winter in allen park, Michigan. Our winters can be harsh, and very cold. I had moved into a ranch home in late Fall, around November, and thought I would have until the weather turned to Spring to repair what appeared to be a few shingles in need of repair. By January, however, the situation was difficult. A few ceiling panels in the bedroom had begun to show signs of water leaking from the roof and collecting in the ceiling. Thinking the situation might somehow improve, and not having a budget that included repairs, I decided to wait and see if the situation improved for a day or so.

By that night, however, the panels that earlier in the day had shown a slight brown color, now was slightly bowed at the edges, which meant water was collecting much faster than I had anticipated. I decided to call a roofing company. While in the living room searching for numbers in the phone book, I heard a crash in the bedroom. Before even arriving to the bedroom I already knew what had happened. Upon arrival the ceiling panels had fallen, and a substantial part of the dry wall now lay on the floor, exposing the inside wood in the ceiling. A large amount of water and debris lay on the floor, and more was dripping through the ceiling.

I called Kincaide’s Roofing Service, and the next day when a technician arrived to assess the damage he was prompt, and courteous, and professionally assessed the damage. He also provided a temporary fix for the ceiling, until he could get to the roofing. He even cleaned up all the debris that had fallen from the ceiling the night before. He didn’t charge me a dime for all the clean-up, or the temporary fix. The next day when he arrived to repair the roof he was prompt, timely, and didn’t stop until the roof was finished. He repaired the bedroom ceiling as well by repairing the drywall, and replacing the ceiling panels. I would highly recommend Allen Park Roofing contractor Service to anyone seeking professional, licensed technicians, who provide quick, efficient, reliable service, with the highest level of customer service.

When I needed A Roof Repaired On My House In Flat Rock, Michigan

It was about three years ago that I realized that there was a leak coming from an open space on the roof. When the house was built a little over forty years ago, I thought that the house would last forever, but I was wrong. The leak started in the bathroom that is attached to the master bedroom. Whenever there was a rain storm that lasted for a few hours, there would be a steady dripping about six inches where the ceiling abutted the bathroom window. As the weeks and months passed by, the leak got worse. It dripped more and the ceiling started to be discolored. I knew that something had to be done to repair the roof.

As I asked friends who they might have used to repair their roofs, I got a better idea of what the costs might be. I could not face the cost at first and put a pail under the leak whenever the ceiling in the bathroom leaked. Then one day soon afterwards, the roof started to leak in the dining room. Reality stared me in the face for I knew that the roof would develop more and more leaks. I knew that I had to hire a roofer, and I knew that I would have to pay a lot of money. I prayed. My prayers were answered.
I chose the roofing contractor Flat rock from the yellow pages. I asked him who he would recommend to someone who was a widow and was on limited money, but that needed the roof fixed as soon as possible. He said he knew someone that was just starting a roof business and that he would give me a good deal. I met with the son and the father who were in business together, and they agreed to give me a good deal. They came the next week, climbed up on the roof and threw off all of the old shingles. Then they covered up the exposed roof with top-quality tar paper. The next day they put on the shingles. My luck held.

I Needed a Roofer in Trenton Michigan


It’s been such a horrible winter. The summer wasn’t too great either. We’ve had so much rain that I felt like a duck. Then the wet snow in the winter was just too ridiculous! Our roof was getting old, and we knew that it couldn’t take much more. We were right.

I first noticed the drip when I was doing dishes in the kitchen. Oh no, here it comes. I told my husband, Bob, and he said he felt something while he was napping on the sofa. I felt so much panic! We had to watch our budget and a roof is a big cost, but we couldn’t wait anymore.

I went online to check out the roofer contractor in Trenton. I started to call. The first guy, Mitchell, was too vague. He didn’t explain to me about the different kinds of roofs, the time it would take, and when they could do it. He didn’t impress me at all.

Bob called the next one. He told me that they were much too expensive, and we would have to wait at least two months! We couldn’t wait that long. We needed that roof asap!

I started to really worry when I made the next call. Jim made me feel more relaxed. He said they could come out the very next day and give us an estimate. He explained about some choices that we have and an average on how long it might take. Of course, he couldn’t really tell me an exact amount and time frame, but I gave him an idea about how our roof was, and how big our house is.

Jim was great! He was honest, and gave us some ballpark figures on how much our roof could cost. I told Bob, and we decided to give Jim a try.

Well, he came on time as promised, told us our options, our time frame and explained how his company worked. We can proudly say that we are now sitting nice and dry in our home. The estimate was exact, it didn’t take a lot of time, and his crew worked diligently, efficiently and neatly. They were respectful of us and our home. Hooray!

Roofing Repair Services in Riverview MI

roof repair

I noticed that the plaster on the ceiling was cracked and the cracks were yellow. I called a painter who told me that my problem was caused by rain water seeping into the house and down to the ceiling fro the roof. He said that I needed to get a roofer. I called a roofer from one of the ads found in the online search engine. The roofer came as scheduled by emails. He looked at the ceiling and said that I needed a new roof. He also said that he need half of the money to get started with supplies and paying his crew. I agreed to his terms and gave him a check for half of the cost of replacing the roof.

When the roofer started, he said that he found wet and decayed wood slats under the roofing that he had ripped off. That meant more money since he had to remove the decayed wood and replace them with new wood. The new wood added to the cost of the roof repaid. Since I had assumed that the roofer contractor RiverView mi had quoted me a full price for roof replacement, I figured that the cost of replacing the decayed wood was part of the total cost of roof replacement. I was not figuring the same as the roofer who removed the wood, replaced the wood and finished the roof and presented me with an additional bill for the wood removal and the wood replacement.

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Kincaide Construction
13113 Huron St, Taylor, MI 48180
(734) 692-0661

There was no arguing with the roofer who would not leave until he got the additional sum that he insisted was not a part of his original estimate in fixing the roof. My argument centered on the fact that I felt it was the roofers obligation to fix the roof and that meant whatever it took to fix it. He said that he went ahead and replaced the decayed wood because he didn’t want to waste time explaining the cost differential to me. I paid the roofer. My beef in Riverview, Michigan, is whether I should report him to the Riverview Better Business Bureau or not?